Americans are struggling with an uncertain future for themselves and their children. Prices on everyday necessities are not going down after their dramatic spike two years ago. Our children are continuing to struggle with their education and parents are being more and more severed from the education process. Drugs have invaded our community, leaving people homeless and helpless.

This is failed leadership from DC on down, and Carmen Goers has had enough of it. That’s why she’s running for Congress in Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

Carmen Goers is a commercial banker, community leader, and mother of three.

Carmen’s quarter century of banking experience has made her familiar with the needs of our area’s top industries- agriculture, manufacturing, tech, aerospace, rail, and freight. She has helped scores of people get the resources they need to build and succeed in their lives, including members of our Armed Forces in her work with the Department of Defense.

Involvement in multiple not-for-profits and charitable organizations has made Carmen active in addressing our concerns before being elected. These organizations include but are not limited to: the South Sound Chambers of Commerce Legislative Coalition, Eileen and Callie’s Place, Christian Faith Center Women’s Prison Ministry, Pacific Christian Academy, Kent Chamber of Commerce, Ventures (formerly Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help), and the New Horizon School Board of Directors.


These activities have earned her the 2022 Kent Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award and the 2021 King County Council MLK Medal of Distinguished Service Award.

As a mother and grandmother, Carmen shares the concerns of parents throughout America and understands the fight for our young people’s success cannot be put off for later- the time to act is now.

Above all, Carmen Goers believes in America and her people. As Congresswoman, she will make our communities a place where citizens can thrive in their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.