I’ve lived in the 8th Congressional District for over 20 years. I’ve watched this amazing district grow and change over the years. The 8th covers all of Kittitas and Chelan Counties, it also has portions of Douglas, King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. 


The district holds many wonders, from the majestic Mt. Rainier and the Enumclaw plateau to Kittitas County fields and Leavenworth and Lake Chelan destinations. 


After completing military service, our family moved to Washington as a great place to raise the family. Washington was chosen as our home because of access to excellent educational opportunities, recreational activities for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a place where they could grow their families.  I watched them learn and become strong, independent women who can advocate for themselves and are hard-working moms. 


However, I’ve noticed that my grandchildren are not receiving the same standard of education that my daughters received. The expectation of reading, writing, and mathematics proficiency has been eroded to not having anyone feel bad. In addition, I’ve watched my daughters be priced out of the housing market due to a lack of inventory and affordable housing development, reducing the ability to provide a secure future for their families. 


For a time, I raised my daughters as a single parent, my priorities were to ensure that they had a safe roof and adequate food to be prepared to learn at school. The 8th Congressional District is becoming less safe and affordable daily for the hard-working families calling this home. 


I am a commercial banker and community volunteer with a heart to give and hands to serve. Since moving to the district, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work and serve across the district. I’m extremely proud of my work with a micro-finance organization that supported entrepreneurs with a mission of self-sufficiency through self-employment and serving as the chair of the Government Affairs committee for our local chamber, supporting and advocating for business owners throughout the region. 


Daily, we watch and see theft, drug use, and murders continuing to increase while law enforcement’s tools are restricted and unsupported. Our current Congresswoman is out of touch with what this district needs. I’m running to bring common-sense legislation and representation to our district. 


As a military family, we’ve lived abroad, serving in the Berlin Brigade from 1989-1992, with the privilege of experiencing the reunification of East and West Berlin, demonstrating the success of peace through strength. 


I am running to balance our budget with fiscal restraints, support our business community, and work to expand our middle class. Congress has forgotten farmers, and I am running to ensure their voices are heard. This district has given me and my family so much; I’m honored to give back in service.  


It’s time to retire our current congresswoman and bring Common sense back to Washington, DC.