The persistent decline in the dollar’s value poses significant challenges for families, impacting their ability to afford necessities like groceries and gas. This troubling trend creates a cycle of financial strain, forcing individuals to make difficult choices between fueling their vehicles and providing meals for their loved ones. As a mother of millennials, I see and hear firsthand the struggles of young Americans pursuing their first home or expanding their families.  

The disconnect between Washington’s policies and the needs of average Americans is evident as gas prices soar, burdening households. Prioritizing the interests of an elite few over the well-being of the many exacerbates economic inequality. Urgent action is needed to address this alarming trend and restore affordability for all.

As the cost of eggs soared to $7 a dozen, an everyday staple became a luxury for Washingtonians. Amidst this crisis, the absence of our congresswoman speaks volumes. It’s unacceptable that she did not choose to address the pressing concerns of her constituents.

Carmen is dedicated to reducing the cost of goods and fostering economic growth. In office, she plans to:

  • Implement policies that promote competition, support small businesses, and streamline regulations to lower prices and stimulate the economy.
  • Work to find common sense solutions to all Americans’ utility and gas costs.
  • Meet regularly with business owners and farmers to discuss their issues in selling and distributing their goods to market.