crime and drugs

crime and drugs

The prevalence of crime in our cities underscores the urgent need for robust law enforcement measures. Attempts to decriminalize drugs and hinder police operations only exacerbate the situation, endangering public safety. With Washington’s low police per capita and high retail theft rates, it’s imperative to prioritize effective crime prevention strategies for a safer future. How much longer can we continue like this? 

The escalating violence on I-5 and throughout Washington demands immediate action to restore safety and peace. Our communities deserve better than to live in fear of random shootings. It’s imperative to prioritize law enforcement efforts and implement comprehensive strategies to reclaim our state and ensure it remains a safe and livable place for all residents.

In Congress, I plan to: 

  • Support drug treatment solutions that prioritize both accountability and support. By offering resources for rehabilitation and addressing underlying issues, we can break the cycle of addiction, reduce crime, and promote recovery and healthy communities.  
  • Support allocation of federal grants to bolster police forces as a prudent investment in public safety. Law enforcement agencies can better address crime, protect communities, and respond effectively to evolving security challenges by enhancing resources, training, and personnel. 
  • Collaborate with regulatory agencies to address systemic issues contributing to theft, such as organized crime networks and loopholes in legislation. Together, we can develop effective strategies to protect businesses, consumers, and communities from the impacts of retail crime.
  • Advocate for policies that hold illegal drug makers accountable for their actions. We can deter illicit drug production and distribution by strengthening enforcement measures, increasing penalties, and implementing stricter regulations.


Can we expect our communities to get safer without a change in Congress?