Economic opportunity enriches our communities, keeps people from resorting to crime, and makes American dreams come true.

DC has denied people this opportunity with high taxes, red tape, a skyrocketing national debt, and runaway inflation. The barriers to success have never been greater, and that has to stop!

Carmen Goers pledges to rein in DC and unleash the potential of the American people with legislation to stop further regulation of American business, drastically simplify our tax code, and end the spending and money-printing that have given us $7 Eggs and $100 tanks of gas.


Our schools should be training our sons and daughters to be contributing members of society. That is not happening because our students are not being given the tools and resources they need to succeed. Instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic, they are being caught in the culture wars of the progressive left.

As Congresswoman, Carmen Goers will go to war with the Department of Education to change the recommendations and directives our schools receive from the government. She will empower the parents to make decisions for their children instead of teacher’s unions and out-of-touch administrators.

crime and drugs

Washingtonians are sick and tired of lawlessness. Liberal policies regarding law enforcement and decriminalization of drugs have resulted in a gutted and demoralized police force, a violent crime wave, and a spike in synthetic opioid overdoses. Seattle was once a model city for its safety and cleanliness; now it’s so bad locals rarely go downtown.

Washington’s families have seen what it’s like when radical liberals defund the police and fail to prosecute crime- it isn’t pretty. That is why Carmen Goers is committed to supporting the police, enforcing the law, and providing people with opportunities for a successful life away from crime. 


Carmen Goers will work across the aisle to remind DC of the responsibilities they have to the American people and our brave men and women in uniform, the heroes who preserve the freedom that too many of us take for granted. Our friends and family in the military deserve more support, both while serving and after returning home. With their dedicated service and our unwavering support, we can make National Security a real priority instead of just a government agency’s name. Our honor will be restored.